D-Link Wire­less AC750

Flaky broad­band? Try this

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£60 from D-Link, dlink.co.uk fea­tures 802.11ac, Gi­ga­bit LAN port, traf­fic pri­ori­ti­sa­tion

Al­though it looks like a rather stan­dard black box, the DWR-118 has a lit­tle trick up its sleeve. It can share a 3G or 4G con­nec­tion as well as the more stan­dard Eth­er­net that you might get in an of­fice or from a ca­ble mo­dem. Rather than have its own SIM slot, the router en­ables you to plug in a USB mo­bile broad­band don­gle. There are two rea­sons you might want this du­al­ity – as a backup or sec­ond con­nec­tion if your broad­band is flaky or slow, or to share your 4G mo­bile con­nec­tion be­tween sev­eral de­vices in a home, shared space or of­fice (but only pay one 4G con­tract). How­ever, if you’re only af­ter the lat­ter, you might as well just buy a por­ta­ble mo­bile hotspot even if it is un­likely to of­fer the whole home cov­er­age we ex­pe­ri­enced with this D-Link so­lu­tion.

Of­ten you can get these for a min­i­mal out­lay when you take out the 4G data con­tract, and what you’re re­ally do­ing with the DWR-118 router is just in­creas­ing the hard­ware cost even if it is a more flex­i­ble de­vice. But we liked the clever load shar­ing (mean­ing two con­nec­tions can be used to boost your band­width), and the 4G seam­lessly takes over if the wired con­nec­tion should fail (or, like us in test­ing, you rip the ca­ble out).

There’s a handy USB port for plug­ging in your com­pat­i­ble 4G don­gle.

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