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I have a num­ber of small Ac­cess data­bases from a Win­dows com­puter, which I would like to be able to open, edit, run queries and print on my Mac­Book Pro. I have searched through the Mac App Store and var­i­ous fo­rums but have not found a de­fin­i­tive so­lu­tion to this prob­lem.

Can you of­fer any sug­ges­tions or ad­vice as to which is the best app or so­lu­tion? This is not some­thing that I use reg­u­larly, so I don’t feel the need to spend too much. I do have Mi­crosoft Of­fice 365 on my Mac­Book Pro, but this does not of­fer Ac­cess as part of it. Any help would be ap­pre­ci­ated. by doug spooner

chris­tian says… The real ques­tion is what ver­sion of Ac­cess are you run­ning? There are apps avail­able that will let you ac­cess those data­bases on a Mac, but they are quite fussy about the orig­i­nal ver­sion of Ac­cess they were made in. In the Mac App Store it­self you’ll find apps such as MDB Tool (£4.49), but these tend to al­low read-only ac­cess. Your needs are greater, un­der­stand­ably. An­other Mac App Store item, Ac­cess Data­base Man­ager (£7.99), al­lows some edit­ing func­tions af­ter an in-app pur­chase. Then there’s MDB ACCDB Viewer (£13.99) which has read-only ac­cess but al­lows for ex­port to Num­bers, en­abling you to es­sen­tially mi­grate all your data­bases to there and be­gin to work on them in a more ro­bust app. As with any­thing in­volv­ing this kind of con­ver­sion, it might not be en­tirely free from er­rors, and there may be a loss of some func­tions, but at least the op­tions are af­ford­able.

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