Superhot £17.99

Gives ‘bul­let time’ a whole new mean­ing

Mac Format - - APPLE CORE -

If you’re be­gin­ning to think all first-per­son shoot­ers are alike, take a look at Superhot. It’s a game where the cen­tral me­chanic forces you to think through your moves step by step – and it’s not of­ten you hear that said about shoot­ers.

The me­chanic in ques­tion is this: time only moves at a nor­mal pace when you do. So rather than run­ning gung-ho into an arena and blast­ing your way out, you can sim­ply stop mov­ing and ev­ery­thing else will slow to a snail’s pace. Fire your gun or take a for­ward step and your enemies move too. It’s like a strat­egy-FPS mash-up that is by turns fran­tic and thought­ful de­pend­ing on your game plan. Throw in a highly stylised graph­i­cal aes­thetic and a risk-fraught, one-hit-death health bar and you’re left with a game that will leave an in­deli­ble mark on your psy­che.

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