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Ap­ple’s March event saw no talk of up­dated Macs in any shape or form. It’s now been more than two-and-a-half years since the high-end Mac first ap­peared in its rad­i­cally re­designed form. It’s well over­due an up­date, and this sum­mer could fi­nally be the time for Ap­ple to beef up the Pro.

We wouldn’t ex­pect Ap­ple to change the Pro’s cas­ing. It was a ma­jor in­dus­trial de­sign suc­cess, and we’re far more likely to see changes that are re­stricted to the com­puter’s in­ter­nals, un­less new colours join the line-up of just black! Space Grey? Gold? Even Rose Gold? Well, noth­ing’s im­pos­si­ble!

But what about those in­ter­nals? We haven’t got sales fig­ures, so maybe Ap­ple has been in no rush to up­date things if buy­ers are happy enough. But, as with any com­puter, a gap of around three years soon be­comes a gulf in ca­pa­bil­ity. In­tel’s Xeon Sky­lake chips (E3 v5) are now here, so Ap­ple may sim­ply have been wait­ing for their ar­rival. How­ever, they are low on cache, so not ideal for mul­ti­threaded tasks. The older but highly ca­pa­ble Haswell chips of the E5 v3 range might fit the bill, and they sup­port DDR4 mem­ory. It’ll be fas­ci­nat­ing to see where the Mac Pro goes next. Let’s look at those po­ten­tial specs in more de­tail…

Alan says…

I’m also ea­ger to see how OS X’s graph­ics fea­tures evolve in its next re­lease

in­tel xeo n e5 v3

The late 2013 Mac Pro uses In­tel’s Xeon E5 v2 (Ivy Bridge)

pro­ces­sor fam­ily. When it launched, these were In­tel’s most pow­er­ful work­sta­tion chips. Skip­ping Haswell (v3) may not be an op­tion if the Pro is to re­tain a large cache in its pro­ces­sors. 10 USB 3 po rts Code in El Cap­i­tan sug­gests the next Mac Pro will have a whop­ping 10 USB 3 ports. We think this makes sense if the new model gains Thun­der­bolt 3, which uses a USB-C con­nec­tor but with 40Gbps trans­fer rates.

huge flash stor­age Cur­rently there’s 256GB PCIe-based flash stor­age in­cluded in both stan­dard Mac Pro mod­els, with an op­tion of 512GB for £240,

or 1TB for £640. We ex­pect a 2TB top-of-the-line op­tion will be

made avail­able for £1,000. dDR 4 suppo rt A move to Haswell pro­ces­sors means mov­ing from DDR3 to DDR4 on the mem­ory side of things. That means up to 40%

re­duc­tion in power us­age, which could be just the thing for im­proved ther­mals if the cas­ing

de­sign re­mains un­changed.






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