build your iPad arca de cab­i­net

Find out how to saw, drill, screw and glue your cab­i­net to­gether

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1 Cut the frame

The box’s base is 25.8x19.7cm, with slop­ing sides that are 3cm high at the front and 7.5cm at the back. Each side has an­other piece 1cm lower at­tached to it, to cre­ate a shelf for the iPad to rest on. The batten at the front is screwed to the base, sides and front for strength, and all the sec­tions are glued as well.

2 Drill the acrylic

Acrylic scratches eas­ily, so keep the pro­tec­tive film on both sides un­til you’ve cut it. You can cut it quite eas­ily with a hack­saw or router drill bit. A hole saw at­tach­ment makes a neat cir­cle. Re­move the off-cut cir­cu­lar piece from the mid­dle of the hole saw while the acrylic is still hot, as it’s much harder af­ter­wards.

3 Fit the joy­stick

Hot-glue the acrylic into the cor­ner of the box. The joy­stick sticks to the screen us­ing a rub­ber sucker, which also acts as the pivot. Cutting a sec­ond small col­lar of acrylic helps re­duce the amount that the joy­stick wob­bles in the frame. You can glue this to the larger acrylic piece with hot glue or vinyl ad­he­sive.

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