How to Im­prove your home videos

Mac Format - - APPLE SKILLS -

1 Open your video Open Video-Grade, tap Start Edit­ing and grant ac­cess to your photos. It’ll find lo­cal and shared videos. Tap an al­bum to see its videos with their du­ra­tions and res­o­lu­tions. Tap one to open it. (If it’s in iCloud, there’s a wait while it down­loads.)

2 Test the video Tap the Ex­po­sure fil­ter (bot­tom-left) then drag the thumb on its slider to ad­just this at­tribute. When done, tap the tick (top-left), then Ex­port. If this fails, use the Drop­box method from the in­tro to trans­fer this video clip to your iPad.

3 Choose a frame You can pick which frame is shown as you try out changes. Tap the video nav­i­ga­tor icon (fifth down on the left), then drag the video strip to pick a frame. Note the tools at the bot­tom left, which al­low you to trim your footage at ex­port.

4 Ad­just sharp­ness Older, low-res­o­lu­tion footage can ben­e­fit from be­ing less sharp. Se­lect the Sharp­ness fil­ter (a hol­low tri­an­gle), then drag the slider’s thumb left. Low-light videos can ben­e­fit from a sharp­ness in­crease – move the thumb right.

5 Re­move colour casts If your footage has a colour cast (blue is com­mon in snowy shots), tap the Chan­nel Mixer icon (three cir­cles), se­lect the rel­e­vant chan­nel, and very care­fully ad­just the slid­ers to make the colours look more nat­u­ral.

6 Im­prove light­ing Out­door shots can be washed out. In the Tem­per­a­ture fil­ter (a ther­mome­ter) tap the sun icon. Next, in the Re­cover fil­ter (a plas­ter), re­duce high­lights. Fi­nally, tap the crayons icon and boost sat­u­ra­tion slightly to make colours more vivid.

7 Get cre­ative Some footage will be too low-qual­ity to res­cue, but you can still make it in­ter­est­ing. Try us­ing the Mono­chrome fil­ter (the che­quer­board icon) and Ef­fects (the photo icon) to turn grainy footage into charm­ing black and white or sepia.

8 Save and pre­view If you make a lot of ad­just­ments, save them as a pre­set (tap the fourth icon down on the left) in case some­thing goes wrong dur­ing pre­view or ex­port. To pre­view your work, tap Video Pre­view (the play icon, fifth down on the right).

9 Com­pare and ex­port At any point, see how your ef­fects com­pare with the orig­i­nal look by turn­ing on a com­par­i­son pre­view (the third and fourth icons down on the right). When you’re happy, ex­port (as in step 2), ide­ally at the orig­i­nal res­o­lu­tion and frame rate.

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