Why do I need to in­stall Java when it is al­ready in­stalled?

Mac Format - - GENIUS TIPS - by Irene Mur­ray

QI keep see­ing an alert that I need to in­stall Java, al­though I’m sure it’s al­ready in­stalled and up to date. All web con­tent seems to work prop­erly, so I can­not un­der­stand what is wrong, and can­not make this an­noy­ing alert stay away. Can you sug­gest a so­lu­tion?

AOddly, Macs can re­quire ei­ther of two quite dif­fer­ent ver­sions of Java. This is be­cause older ver­sions of the Java run­time en­vi­ron­ment were main­tained and dis­trib­uted by Ap­ple, and some apps and tools still de­pend on them. How­ever, Or­a­cle has as­sumed re­spon­si­bil­ity for all more re­cent ver­sions, which may be re­quired by other apps and tools. So, if some­thing does de­cide that it needs Java, you should have both ver­sions avail­able, oth­er­wise you may en­counter these ir­ri­tat­ing warn­ings.

Ap­ple’s legacy ver­sion of the Java 6 run­time en­vi­ron­ment is of­fi­cially known as Java for OS X 2015-001, and is avail­able from bit.ly/ap­ple­java. Mean­while, Or­a­cle’s lat­est Java 8 is avail­able from bit.ly/ja­va8­mac. Soft­ware that re­quires Java 8 needs to be run on OS X 10.7.3 or higher as a con­se­quence of that ver­sion of Java us­ing APIs (ap­pli­ca­tion pro­gram­ming in­ter­faces) that aren’t avail­able in older ver­sions of OS X.

Thank­fully, both Java ver­sions seem to work fine along­side one an­other. This should put an end to those un­help­ful alerts at last.

Some Java apps re­quire Ap­ple’s Java 6, while oth­ers re­quire Or­a­cle’s lat­est, ver­sion 8. You can in­stall both.

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