The OS X 10.11.3 up­date brings backup woes

Mac Format - - GENIUS TIPS - by Peter Hutchin­son

QI re­cently up­graded my 15-inch Retina Mac­Book Pro (late 2013) to OS X 10.11.3, which has caused se­ri­ous prob­lems with iCloud and Time Ma­chine. The lat­ter has been un­able to make any back­ups since that up­date in Jan­uary. Look­ing in the logs, back­ups start cor­rectly, but still seem to be run­ning an hour or two later, forc­ing me to restart the Mac. Why are they not com­plet­ing prop­erly?

AHav­ing checked through your logs, these back­ups ap­pear to be run­ning nor­mally, and do not en­counter or re­port any er­rors. They are also in­tended to be very large: over 20GB, which could eas­ily take sev­eral hours, par­tic­u­larly if run over Wi-Fi to an al­ready well-used set of old back­ups.

It is prob­a­ble that your up­date did not ‘take’ prop­erly, leav­ing some parts of OS X, par­tic­u­larly Time Ma­chine and iCloud, not fully func­tional. The best way to fix that is to down­load the 10.11.3 Combo up­dater from ap­ and in­stall it over the top of your ex­ist­ing sys­tem.

Once that’s com­plete, let your Mac­Book Pro run its next backup, which may re­quire that you leave it run­ning overnight to com­plete.

It that does not work, your back­ups may have be­come dam­aged, so it may be worth check­ing and re­pair­ing the drive us­ing Disk Util­ity be­fore at­tempt­ing an­other backup. Er­rors in Con­sole may then give bet­ter clues.

Low-level is­sues on a drive may get in the way of Time Ma­chine mak­ing a suc­cess­ful backup to it.

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