Freecom mHDD Slim

At­trac­tive stor­age at an unattrac­tive price

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£125 from Freecom, fea­tures 2TB (tested, 1TB avail­able), USB-A and USB-C ca­bles

High-ca­pac­ity 2.5inch hard drives can feel thick, but this one is just 9mm tall. It weighs only 150g too, even though its body is metal. Press on its largest sides and you can feel a lit­tle bit of flex, so we sug­gest trans­port­ing it in a padded pocket. It’s also em­bla­zoned with Freecom’s logo, though in a man­ner that’s fairly in­of­fen­sive, even though the line un­der­neath makes the drive look a bit like a large Zippo lighter.

It’s clear Freecom has thought where the Mac’s con­nec­tiv­ity is likely to go, as it bun­dles two USB ca­bles: one to con­nect to a USB-A port, found on most Macs, and a USB-C one for 12-inch MacBooks and any fu­ture Macs with it – though that’s only fair at this price!

As for per­for­mance, the drive is what we’d ex­pect from a 2.5-inch hard disk, though a few things stood out. While min­i­mum rates for se­quen­tial trans­fers on drives of this kind aren’t stel­lar, the mHDD man­aged re­spectable 30.4MB/sec and 27.8MB/sec rates for read­ing and writ­ing, re­spec­tively. Its mean se­quen­tial rates of 120.4 and 121.6MB/sec are typ­i­cal, and its peak rate of 167.7MB/sec when writ­ing is solid, even if not the best. In ran­dom reads and writes, the drive’s a lit­tle be­hind oth­ers we’ve tried, but not by enough that it’s a draw­back.

This at­trac­tive drive is avail­able in hues that match 12-inch MacBooks, ex­cept for Rose Gold.

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