No­mad Leather Wal­let

Cash in on more bat­tery power


From £91 from No­mad, hel­lono­ fea­tures Light­ning con­nec­tor, 2,400mAh bat­tery, Bi-Fold or Slim

The iPhone is a power-hun­gry thing, and no mat­ter where you are, if you haven’t thought about charg­ing up be­fore you leave, it’s easy to find that you’re low on juice.

There are count­less bat­tery packs and bat­tery cases out there for the iPhone, but bulk has al­ways been a prob­lem and you have to re­mem­ber to take one with you.

As you need to take a wal­let with you most of the time any­way, hav­ing an in­te­grated bat­tery to top up your iPhone is a great idea. No­mad has man­aged to make a stylish leather prod­uct that does just that, ei­ther in its clas­sic Bi-Fold wal­let style or the more purse-like Slim de­sign.

Both ver­sions fea­ture the same 2,400mAh bat­tery, which gave us 100% charge in 2.5 hours on an iPhone SE. We had a faulty sam­ple first time around, with the bat­tery un­able to dis­charge, but No­mad sent us a sec­ond one that worked just as it was sup­posed to.

We like the feel of the wal­let, but you can’t get away from the ex­tra weight; so un­less you’re used to a wal­let that’s stuffed to the rafters with notes and coins, you’d want to leave this in a bag or jacket.

Pull out the short Light­ning ca­ble, at­tach, then press the On but­ton.

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