How to Cre­ate a pod­cast playlist

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1 Get started

The home screen of Over­cast dis­plays all your pod­cast sub­scrip­tions. To cre­ate a new playlist, tap the icon that’s sec­ond from the right at the top of the screen. It looks a bit like a page with a plus in its top-left cor­ner.

2 What’s in a name?

This takes you to the Cre­ate Playlist screen. Give your playlist a ti­tle, choose how you want episodes to be sorted, then tap the Add Pod­casts row to choose which pod­casts will be in­cluded in your playlist. 3 Add pod­casts Scroll through the list and pick pod­casts. Or, tap Ex­clude and se­lect the pod­casts you don’t want to make it onto your playlist – this may be quicker if you want to in­clude lots of dif­fer­ent pod­casts rather than just one or two.

4 Ad­di­tional episodes

You can add sin­gle episodes with­out adding the as­so­ci­ated pod­cast. Sim­ply tap Ad­di­tional Episodes and choose which to in­clude. This is use­ful if an un­re­lated pod­cast pro­duces an episode rel­e­vant to your playlist.

5 Re­fine your se­lec­tion

Your playlist is now pop­u­lated with your cho­sen pod­casts and episodes; new episodes are added au­to­mat­i­cally as they are pub­lished. You can re­move episodes by tap­ping Ex­cluded Episodes and pick­ing which ones to leave out.

6 Change play or­der

You can dis­play episodes chrono­log­i­cally, or tap Edit and drag them into your de­sired play or­der. To choose shows that should play first, tap Se­lect Pri­or­ity Pod­casts and it will put the most im­por­tant ones at the top.

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