Trace a route back to the in­ter­net with plain ad­vice that’ll help you stay con­nected

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Trace a route back to the in­ter­net with this plain con­nec­tion ad­vice

Use the way Ap­ple kit picks a net­work to your ad­van­tage to en­sure it gets the best sig­nal

Get­ting the best Wi-Fi con­nec­tion

QWe use a cou­ple of Wi-Fi ac­cess points to de­liver good sig­nal cov­er­age through­out our house and gar­den. How should we con­fig­ure them to en­sure our Macs and iOS de­vices al­ways get the best wire­less con­nec­tions?

AIn the­ory, you should set up each with a unique name and pass­word, so that in the event of prob­lems they are eas­ier to iden­tify. How­ever, Ap­ple de­vices don’t sim­ply con­nect ac­cord­ing to the best sig­nal, but first and fore­most ac­cord­ing to the pri­or­ity list of ac­cess points, and so may well opt for a weaker sig­nal if that con­nec­tion hap­pens to be at the top of the list.

You can use this to your ad­van­tage by giv­ing your ac­cess points iden­ti­cal names and pass­words. They’ll still have unique IP ad­dresses, and will au­to­mat­i­cally con­fig­ure them­selves to op­er­ate on dif­fer­ent wire­less chan­nels.

When your Mac or an­other de­vice then tries to con­nect, it’ll give both the ac­cess points equal pri­or­ity, and should choose the one with the bet­ter sig­nal. This should in turn en­sure you get the fastest speed and a more re­li­able con­nec­tion.

If you then have a wire­less prob­lem and need to work out which ac­cess point is caus­ing the prob­lems, you’ll have to re­name it un­til that’s fixed. One other im­por­tant mat­ter is that you must en­sure the com­mon pass­word is long, im­pos­si­ble to guess, and ro­bust. Un­less you’re in a re­mote lo­ca­tion, it’s wise to turn off guest ac­cess to re­duce the risk of any­one break­ing into your net­work.

Your Wi-Fi sig­nal may broad­cast be­yond your home’s bound­ary, so en­sure its pass­word is a strong one.

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