Faster or shared stor­age, but not both


QI cre­ate and edit ar­chi­tec­tural files typ­i­cally of 25MB or larger, and am a keen pho­tog­ra­pher with a large Pho­tos li­brary. The for­mer files are stored on a WD MyCloud Mir­ror so I can ac­cess them from other sys­tems, but they take a long time to save. My Pho­tos li­brary is eat­ing space on the 512GB SSD in my Mac­Book Pro. How can I re­duce the time it takes to save files and keep my pho­tos to hand?

AA faster hard­ware-based RAID NAS would im­prove per­for­mance a bit, but you would need to go up to much more ex­pen­sive net­work sys­tems to match the per­for­mance of in­ter­nal stor­age.

Your fastest op­tion would be to fit a larger in­ter­nal SSD, but ar­chi­tec­tural files stored there would need to be syn­chro­nised over your net­work to the NAS or other shared stor­age; you could do that us­ing a folder-sync­ing app, per­haps.

An SSD or even a hard drive in a Thun­der­bolt en­clo­sure would also per­form very well, although again you’d need to syn­chro­nise over your net­work. USB 3 mod­els are of­ten sig­nif­i­cantly cheaper.

For your Pho­tos li­brary, a cost-ef­fec­tive and neat an­swer might be to add a fast 128GB or larger card to your Mac’s SDXC slot (which will cost up­wards of £60). Other­wise, keep­ing it on an ex­ter­nal drive would mean the li­brary would only be ac­ces­si­ble while that drive is con­nected to your Mac­Book Pro.

It’s easy to forget that the SDXC slot in a Mac­Book Pro can be used to con­ve­niently boost stor­age ca­pac­ity.

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