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How do I pick a key­board lay­out?

> The key­board map­ping is set in the Key­board con­trol panel, which is lo­cated in the menu in Sys­tem 7. If you need to type a pound (£) sign, you can set the lay­out to Bri­tish. How­ever, this does jum­ble up all the other shifted num­ber keys as well. In fact, on my Pow­erBook 520, none of the key­board lay­outs cor­re­spond pre­cisely with the sym­bols printed on the key­board it­self! 

The Pow­erBook’s screen is dark when I start it up!

> The screen con­trast and bright­ness con­trols are but­tons rather than on-screen slid­ers, and the cur­rent val­ues are stored in PRAM. On an old Pow­erBook, the PRAM bat­tery has usu­ally run flat, so the set­tings are lost when the lap­top shuts down for more than a few min­utes. You’ll need to read­just the con­trast each time you start up.

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