Charge and back up with­out a Mac


£60 from Meem, meem­mem­ fea­tures Light­ning con­nec­tor, 32GB ca­pac­ity

This is an Ap­ple se­cu­rity so­lu­tion that Ap­ple would never make.

iCloud is the back-up so­lu­tion for your iOS de­vices and Ap­ple wants to keep it that way. Yes, you can still use iTunes and your Mac, but that’s be­come a bit of a man­ual chore in the days of the cloud. So why on earth would you want an­other off­line so­lu­tion to back­ing up your data?

Well, the de­sign­ers of Meem think there’s a gap in the mar­ket for a travel back-up so­lu­tion while you’re away from Wi-Fi or a mo­bile net­work sig­nal. We can see the point, and as you need to charge your iPhone ev­ery cou­ple of days it’s good to know there’s a ca­ble out there that backs up while you’re do­ing so.

As you charge, Meem backs up your con­tacts, cal­en­dars, mes­sages, pho­tos, videos and mu­sic. You do, of course, need to use its app to do this, and that’s where the trou­ble be­gins. Meem’s de­sign­ers have taken the ‘mir­ror­ing’ metaphor a bit too far with a split-screen in­ter­face where the ‘copied’ side is in re­versed text! It’s overkill and then some. The app also has a hor­rid progress bar, and it’s all rather con­fus­ing. Even the ges­tures seem like too much ef­fort for some­thing that’s sup­posed to be has­sle-free. Back­ing up and restor­ing did work with­out fault, but cur­rently there’s only a 32GB ver­sion for iPhone; which won't be enough for some.

Plug in and charge: Meem’s a nor­mal Light­ning ca­ble ex­cept your data gets backed up at the same time!

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