Twelve South Com­pass 2

Stylish looks, but a bit wob­bly

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£35 from Twelve South, fea­tures Rub­berised soles, travel case

Sure, this may be ‘just’ an iPad stand, but don't dis­miss it just yet.

It folds up into a com­pact peg shape, mak­ing it easy to stow away in a travel bag. Its three legs come with rub­berised soles, as do the two small plat­forms on which your iPad rests. These keep it well grounded so it won’t slide about.

When in its more up­right mode (as in the im­age above), the Com­pass 2 is in­tended for more pas­sive uses – mak­ing Skype calls or watch­ing TV. You shouldn’t no­tice much wob­bling with ev­ery­day use. How­ever, we had to be a bit care­ful when tap­ping in the top cor­ners of the screen with the iPad in por­trait ori­en­ta­tion – prod too hard and your de­vice could fall or get shaken loose.

Por­trait mode’s bet­ter if you’re not in­ter­act­ing with the iPad much, but it’s not re­ally at a com­fort­able an­gle for your wrists when typ­ing. If you want to type away, Twelve South says you’re bet­ter off switch­ing to the low-pro­file mode by push­ing in the rear leg and ex­tend­ing the mini sup­port – that’s the the­ory, any­way. While this puts the iPad in a flat­ter po­si­tion, it’s ac­tu­ally far less sta­ble, wob­bling alarm­ingly as you type. It’s much bet­ter with an iPad mini, though.

This is still a good stand for watch­ing the odd video, but not for typ­ing out emails and mes­sages if you have a 9.7-inch iPad.

The Com­pass 2 is at its most sta­ble when used with an iPad mini.

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