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My name is Fer­nando and I’ve been a sub­scriber of Mac­For­mat for many years now (per­haps 20 or 25). I’m re­fer­ring to the lat­est is­sue, 302 – well, the lat­est to me here in Spain. In your Ap­ple Choice sec­tion, page 95, you re­fer to the ReadyNAS 212 as “up to 12TB ca­pac­ity per bay”, and my ques­tion is to reaf­firm that if I buy that NAS box I’ll be able to put in it two hard disks of 10TB each (Sea­gate En­ter­prise Ca­pac­ity 10TB SATA He6, 7,200rpm), giv­ing me a to­tal com­bined ca­pac­ity of 20TB? You see, those new disks are quite ex­pen­sive and the NAS box it­self is not cheap ei­ther, so I have to be very care­ful be­fore I de­cide to make the pur­chase, and hope you’ll help with my de­ci­sion.


CHRIS­TIAN SAYS… Hi Fer­nando. We must apol­o­gise for a mis­take in that re­view re­gard­ing the drive’s ca­pac­ity. The ReadyNAS 212 in fact goes up to 12TB in to­tal, based on in­stalling 6TB disks. Net­gear in­tro­duced the four-bay ReadyNAS 214 along­side that model, with sup­port for 24TB of stor­age (giv­ing 12TB of us­able space if you set it up as a mir­rored ar­ray; a sen­si­ble pre­cau­tion to take with that much data). Our re­viewer of­fers this re­as­sur­ance to any­one still in­ter­ested in the RN212: “This doesn’t change my ver­dict, as the RN212 is £75 less than a 10TB-per­bay drive such as the QNAP TS-251+”. In con­trast, the Buf­falo NAS re­viewed this is­sue (page 93) is dis­ap­point­ing; I’ve used other ReadyNAS prod­ucts since 2007 and found they do their job well, but bear in mind we haven’t tested the RN214.

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