How to Set up your cer­tifi­cate

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1 Cre­ate an author­ity

Open Key­chain Ac­cess (it shows up in Spot­light) and pick Key­chain Ac­cess > Cer­tifi­cate As­sis­tant > Cre­ate a Cer­tifi­cate Author­ity. Put a check mark next to ‘Let me over­ride de­faults’, en­ter your ad­dress un­der ‘Email from’, then click Con­tinue.

2 Set an ex­piry date

Your CA is set to ex­pire af­ter a year. Ex­tend its life by en­ter­ing a higher value next to Va­lid­ity Pe­riod. Clear the check mark next to ‘Sign your in­vi­ta­tion’, click Con­tinue to en­ter some per­sonal de­tails, then click Con­tinue again.

3 Set key us­age info

The key pair info (2048 bits long and us­ing the RSA al­go­rithm) is fine as is, so click Con­tinue twice. At the Key Us­age Ex­ten­sion page, put a check next to ‘Key En­ci­pher­ment’, ‘Cer­tifi­cate Sign­ing’ and ‘Sig­na­ture’, then click Con­tinue.

4 Com­plete the as­sis­tant

On the next page, put a check next to ‘Key En­ci­pher­ment’ and ‘Sig­na­ture’, then click Con­tinue un­til you reach the ‘Spec­ify a Lo­ca­tion For The Cer­tifi­cate’. En­able ‘On this ma­chine, trust cer­tifi­cates signed by this CA’, then click Cre­ate.

5 Set up a cer­tifi­cate

Close Cer­tifi­cate As­sis­tant, then choose Key­chain Ac­cess > Cer­tifi­cate As­sis­tant > Cre­ate a Cer­tifi­cate. Set Iden­tity Type to Leaf, put a check mark next to ‘Let me over­ride de­faults’, and then click the Con­tinue but­ton.

6 Tweak set­tings

Spec­ify how long you want your cer­tifi­cate to last be­fore it ex­pires, then click Con­tinue. En­ter some per­sonal de­tails (an email ad­dress is manda­tory, buy the rest is op­tional) and then click Con­tinue once again.

7 Choose an is­suer

Make sure the Cer­tifi­cate Author­ity you cre­ated is se­lected (it’ll prob­a­bly be the only one listed), then click Con­tinue. Run through the rest of the as­sis­tant, en­sur­ing you en­able Key En­ci­pher­ment on the Key Us­age Ex­ten­sion page.

8 Com­plete the as­sis­tant

Ver­ify your email ad­dress is listed un­der ‘rfc822Name’ and fi­nally click Cre­ate. The cer­tifi­cate should be listed as valid, mean­ing it’s ready to use. Click Done to add it to your key­chain, quit Key­chain Ac­cess and open the Mail app.

9 Send your mes­sage

Open a new mes­sage win­dow and com­pose an email. You should see a blue but­ton with a check mark in it next to the Sub­ject field, which in­di­cates the dig­i­tal sig­na­ture will be sent with your mes­sage to prove your iden­tify to the re­cip­i­ent.

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