[ tip s for get­ting per­fect shots ]


Keep it smooth 1

Don’t move a cam­era left to right or up and down quickly as the footage will be dis­ori­ent­ing for the viewer and fo­cus and light­ing will also suffer be­cause of the rapid move­ment.

Fo­cus your at­ten­tion 2

While you shoot, watch your viewfinder rather than look­ing di­rectly at your sub­ject. What’s im­por­tant is what the cam­era sees, so you should fo­cus on pri­ori­tis­ing that.

Think cin­e­mat­i­cally 3

Frame your sub­ject – what­ever it is – sym­pa­thet­i­cally. For an in­ter­view, for ex­am­ple, this could mean us­ing depth of field to blur the back­ground while en­hanc­ing the sub­ject.

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