Task lists brought back to the Mac

Mac Format - - APPLE CHOICE - Craig Gran­nell

£7.99 FROM Pe­ter Szwach, use­ NEEDS OS X 10.10 or higher, iCloud ac­count for sync­ing

Proud for iOS gave us a new take on iPhone-based

list-mak­ing. Sure, its main tab is con­ven­tional, with you cre­at­ing tasks, break­ing them down into sub­tasks, re­order­ing, and swip­ing items on com­ple­tion. But you can also as­sign deadlines in a hu­man man­ner (“later to­day”, “to­mor­row”), and the app has use­ful mini-apps and a few ‘su­per­pow­ers’: a de-stress breath­ing tool, a Po­modoro-style timer, and a com­pleted tasks graph; there’s even a ‘Give me more time’ op­tion in there, too.

You might think that all sounds great, but what about the Mac ver­sion of the app? Well, it more or less is the iPhone ver­sion. On the plus side, it syncs nicely over iCloud, and has the same great fea­tures as the iPhone re­lease. But the iPhone-like in­ter­face (which can be switched to a com­i­cal full-screen mode) is less in­tu­itive. Robbed of the touch­screen, the en­joy­ably tac­tile and ex­ploratory na­ture of Proud is gone. In­stead, you hunt through a menu, and must rely on re­mem­ber­ing key­board short­cuts to trig­ger ac­tions. As a way to get Proud lists on your Mac, the app is fine (although twice the iOS ver­sion’s price); but as a stand­alone app, it needs to be more Mac-like for us to whole­heart­edly rec­om­mend it.

There’s some­thing highly amus­ing about an all-caps ‘de-stress’ menu item.

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