LaCie Rugged USB-C 4TB

Fu­ture-proofed bumper stor­age

Mac Format - - APPLE CHOICE - Alan  Stone­bridge

£235 FROM FEA­TURES USB-C (USB 3.1 Gen 1) and USB-A (USB 3.0) ca­bles, 1.2m drop re­sis­tance, rain re­sis­tance

LaCie has made Rugged drives with a pro­tec­tive bumper for years, and the con­cept is even more rel­e­vant at this ca­pac­ity. This model has a USB-C port and cable for the lat­est Macs, a USB-A cable for older mod­els, and the drive is bus-pow­ered.

In­side is a sin­gle 4TB disk. LaCie quotes a max­i­mum trans­fer rate of 130MB/sec. Our tests showed the drive is ca­pa­ble of more than that, peak­ing at 161.7MB in se­quen­tial writes. LaCie’s fig­ure is rea­son­ably close to the mean av­er­ages we saw for se­quen­tial reads (117.2MB/sec) and writes (119.7MB/sec).

Ran­dom read and write op­er­a­tions are much slower on a por­ta­ble hard disk, yet this one per­formed no worse than others we’ve tested.

In fact, it de­liv­ered slightly faster mean and peak rates, though noth­ing sig­nif­i­cant enough to set it apart.

The drive adds 400g to your bag; ac­cept­able, yet not in­signif­i­cant. LaCie says the drive works, with aes­thetic dam­age, af­ter be­ing driven over with a 1,000kg car.

In less dra­matic sce­nar­ios, the rub­ber bumper and the firm­ness of the metal body in­stil con­fi­dence in the Rugged drive’s dura­bil­ity.

The Rugged USB-C is rain, drop and crush-re­sis­tant.

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