Syncwire 4-port USB wall charger

Four USB charg­ers in one

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£14 FROM Syncwire, fea­tures Four USB 2.0 ports (two 2.4A/two 1A)

Tan­gled wires and charg­ers are a real pain these days. Adding to this mess, there never seem to be enough plug sock­ets in the world to charge all our de­vices.

The fix­tures in­dus­try is try­ing to tackle this prob­lem by build­ing USB sock­ets in to wall sock­ets in new homes. The Syncwire – a USB wall charger with four charg­ing points – is a good al­ter­na­tive so­lu­tion if your home is not equipped in this way.

It's got two 2.4A sock­ets and two 1A sock­ets. The 2.4A ones are ideal for charg­ing tablets like your iPad. The 1A plugs are there to look af­ter smaller de­vices like an iPod.

The de­vice it­self looks and feels solid, and you wouldn’t have a prob­lem be­liev­ing it cost dou­ble its ask­ing price. USB ca­bles fit into the ports snugly and the socket it­self is small enough to com­fort­ably sit on an ex­ten­sion cable with other de­vices plugged in on ei­ther side of it.

Also, it’s in­ex­pen­sive and ef­fec­tive – not some­thing you al­ways get in com­bi­na­tion. It does ex­actly what you ask of it and we would hap­pily rec­om­mend it to any­one look­ing to cut their charg­ers down into one handy de­vice.

It’s par­tic­u­larly help­ful to any­one who trav­els a lot or wants to go on hol­i­day with one plug socket in­stead of four; no one wants to take that mess of charg­ers and ca­bles with them, af­ter all.

Syncwire is a use­ful de­vice to take on your trav­els.

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