Pre­miere El­e­ments 15

Get to grips with fix­ing, edit­ing and shar­ing video

Mac Format - - APPLE CHOICE - Re­viewed by Ge­org e Cairns

£79.10 FROM Adobe, needs OS X 10.10 or higher

Many of our dig­i­tal de­vices are ca­pa­ble of shooting both pho­tos and video, but this can lead to

as­set man­age­ment chal­lenges. One of Pre­miere El­e­ment 15’s strengths is that it works with Pho­to­shop El­e­ments via the El­e­ments Or­ga­nizer. The Or­ga­nizer lets you im­port and view both stills and clips, and add key­words and rat­ings to help you find your favourite files fast. If you need to fix, edit and share video clips then you can open Pre­miere El­e­ments from the Or­ga­nizer and quickly get down to work.

The Pre­miere El­e­ments workspace looks sim­i­lar to that of Pho­to­shop El­e­ments. It even fea­tures a Guided Edit mode that takes the video novice step by step through var­i­ous video edit­ing pro­ce­dures. This is a great way to ex­plore some of the ad­vanced tools in the Ex­pert workspace, such as adding cre­ative ‘pop colour’ ef­fects that re­duce a shot to mono­chrome while con­cur­rently pre­serv­ing the colour of a spe­cific ob­ject.

You can over­come a video’s ex­po­sure and colour prob­lems in Pre­miere El­e­ments in sim­i­lar ways to Pho­to­shop. For ex­am­ple, Pho­to­shop El­e­ments 14 in­tro­duced a haze re­moval fea­ture de­signed to re­veal more of a dis­tant ob­ject’s washed out colours and tones. This tool is in Pre­miere El­e­ments 15 as an au­to­matic drag-and-drop ef­fect, and you can man­u­ally fine-tune the haze cor­rec­tion us­ing slid­ers. While the haze re­moval ef­fect works well, it’s ar­guably a bit of an un­nec­es­sar­ily gim­micky tool, since at­mo­spheric haze can of­ten help add at­mos­phere, depth and con­trast to a land­scape.

Fa­mil­iar faces

Pre­miere El­e­ments now en­joys the abil­ity to recog­nise peo­ple in your video clips. This helps its Smart Trim fea­ture au­to­mat­i­cally re­move prob­lem sec­tions while pri­ori­tis­ing the mo­ments fea­tur­ing friends and fam­ily. You can also use fa­cial recog­ni­tion to quickly add rostrum cam­era moves to pho­tos. The Pan and Zoom tool au­to­mat­i­cally builds in cam­era moves that pan and zoom from one face to the next, which is a handy time-sav­ing way to bring your pho­tos to life.

Nor­mally a mu­sic track would cut out ran­domly as soon as the time­line’s video track ends. The new Remix fea­ture analy­ses the mu­sic track and cuts it into seg­ments so that it will end on a more ap­pro­pri­ate mo­ment in the song. This fea­ture sounds a bit gim­micky but ac­tu­ally works sur­pris­ingly well.

The Video Col­lage tool pro­vides a quick way to drag clips and stills into tem­plate win­dows so that they play on the screen at the same time. This is a cre­ative and en­ter­tain­ing way to share hol­i­day mem­o­ries. Once you’ve fin­ished you can eas­ily share them on­line to Face­book or YouTube for the world to en­joy.

Guided Edit mode takes the video novice step by step through video edit­ing pro­ce­dures

The haze re­moval tool is now avail­able as a drag-and-drop ef­fect that’s ad­justable us­ing sim­ple slid­ers.

Guided Ed­its help you use the Ex­pert tools to pro­duce cre­ative re­sults, such as key­ing video through text shapes.

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