Your desk­top, any­where

In Sierra, all those files you dump on the desk­top can be put on­line au­to­mat­i­cally, mak­ing them avail­able on any Mac, PC or iOS de­vice

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Abig ad­van­tage of cloud-based stor­age is that it frees you from need­ing to have a spe­cific de­vice to hand in or­der to get at es­sen­tial files. If all your files are read­ily ac­ces­si­ble on all of your de­vices – whether you’re cur­rently us­ing an iMac with a huge screen, putting your feet up with a svelte MacBook, cradling an iPad or iPhone, or even us­ing a PC or An­droid tablet – you’re freed from hav­ing to worry about where you saved an im­por­tant doc­u­ment and whether you can ac­cess it right now. (At least if your de­vices have been able to con­nect to the in­ter­net to sync things!)

With iCloud Drive, Ap­ple doesn’t yet en­able you to sync the en­tirety of your Mac’s stor­age to the cloud, but it does now of­fer an al­most ab­surdly sim­ple method for shar­ing your Desk­top and Doc­u­ments fold­ers be­tween all your de­vices. As shown in the walk­through op­po­site, the process is as sim­ple as click­ing a check­box, wait­ing a while for ev­ery­thing to upload, and then glee­fully ac­cess­ing your files and fold­ers any­where you’re able to sign in to iCloud. How­ever, there are caveats to be mind­ful of.

First and fore­most, iCloud Drive isn’t a bot­tom­less pit. In fact, it’s not even a ter­ri­bly deep pit if you stick with its free tier, which gives you a miserly 5GB of space, be­yond which you have to pay. If you want to put 1TB of data in iCloud Drive, it’ll cost you £6.99 per month. Se­condly, iCloud Drive is re­liant on

in­ter­net con­nec­tiv­ity to keep ev­ery­thing in sync across your de­vices. If you have the world’s slow­est broad­band (bear in mind its upload speed is likely slower than go­ing the other way), you should per­haps steer clear of putting mas­sive files in iCloud Drive.

Sadly, Ap­ple doesn’t pro­vide gran­u­lar­ity in iCloud Drive’s set­tings. We’d love to have the abil­ity to put our Desk­top on­line and keep Doc­u­ments on lo­cal stor­age. Right now, you

Sierra makes al­lowances for when you have lots of free space in iCloud Drive but only a lit­tle left on your Mac

can’t do this, so if you want to omit files from iCloud Drive, you must put them in other fold­ers on your Mac.

How­ever, Sierra makes al­lowances for when you have lots of free space in iCloud Drive but lit­tle on your Mac; it stores lo­cally files it thinks you’ll need (those you’ve used re­cently) and keeps others on­line; they stay where you left them in Finder, with a cloud icon, and down­load on de­mand.

You can put Desk­top and Doc­u­ments on­line, but it’s a case of both or nei­ther. Con­sider mak­ing fold­ers to ex­plic­itly store some items off­line.

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