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Top tips for work­ing smarter with on­line stor­age

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1 Upload us­ing a web browser

We noted ear­lier you can get at your files in iCloud Drive by signing in to By click­ing the upload but­ton there, you can select a doc­u­ment to send to the folder you’re view­ing. This can be handy if you use a PC at work, want to read a doc­u­ment on your iPad on the way home, and work on it in a com­pat­i­ble Mac app in the evening.

2 Deal with con­flicts

One of the dan­gers in hav­ing doc­u­ments stored in the cloud is they can po­ten­tially be open on mul­ti­ple de­vices si­mul­ta­ne­ously. When that hap­pens, the app in ques­tion should alert you that mod­i­fi­ca­tions are not in sync, and out­line the open ver­sions of the doc­u­ment, and what de­vices are us­ing them. You can then pick which ver­sion or ver­sions to keep.

3 Man­age iCloud Drive

Should you have Mac or iOS apps you don’t want to use iCloud Drive for stor­age, their ac­cess can be dis­abled in­di­vid­u­ally. On your Mac, go to Sys­tem Pref­er­ences > iCloud and click Op­tions next to iCloud Drive. In the Doc­u­ments tab, clear the check­boxes next to the rel­e­vant apps. On iOS, use the switches in Set­tings > iCloud > iCloud Drive.

4 Cross- ser­vice trans­fer

Al­though you can use other ser­vices along­side iCloud Drive, easy in­te­gra­tion of files and fold­ers across de­vices might make mi­gra­tion ap­peal­ing. The sim­plest way is to drag and drop in Finder – from Drop­box to Doc­u­ments, say. First, check you have enough space in iCloud, and ar­chive old items off­line, so you use less iCloud space and things upload sooner.

5 Don’t du­pli­cate me­dia

If you’re us­ing other Ap­ple cloud­based sys­tems, don’t du­pli­cate con­tent within iCloud Drive. There’s no point us­ing iCloud Mu­sic Li­brary in iTunes and iOS’s Mu­sic app and stor­ing iden­ti­cal copies of your au­dio files in iCloud Drive – at that point, you’re ef­fec­tively pay­ing twice. (See page 40 for more on the specifics of iCloud stor­age.)

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