How to Share your and others’ lo­ca­tions

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1 In­vite your friends

Tap Add, then Tap in the To field and type the email ad­dress as­so­ci­ated with a per­son’s Ap­ple ID, or their name – sug­gested con­tacts ap­pear be­low – then tap Send. Or, tap a nearby per­son’s face to share di­rectly us­ing AirDrop.

3 No­tify your friends

Tap Me and then No­tify Friends. Here, you can in­form peo­ple of where you are now, or as cer­tain events oc­cur: that is, when you ar­rive or leave a spec­i­fied lo­ca­tion, and whether to do so just the next time or on an on­go­ing ba­sis.

5 Dif­fer­ent map views

At the map with your list of friends you’re fol­low­ing be­neath it, tap the map, and then tap the ‘i’ (bot­tom right) to re­veal op­tions that set the map’s pre­sen­ta­tion to ei­ther stan­dard or satel­lite view, or a hy­brid of the two.

2 Send­ing and ac­cept­ing

You’ll see a Re­quest Sent mes­sage. Once the re­cip­i­ent ac­cepts, you’ll be able to see their lo­ca­tion. To stop shar­ing your lo­ca­tion with ev­ery­body, tap Me be­low the map and flick the Share My Lo­ca­tion switch to its off po­si­tion.

4 See where some­one is

On the map, your lo­ca­tion is marked with a blue dot. Tap a name in the friends list be­low to see where that per­son is, then tap Con­tact to mes­sage or call the per­son, or tap More and then Direc­tions to plot a route to them.

6 Pri­vacy set­tings

To stop a spe­cific friend know­ing where you are, tap their name in the friends list, then Con­tact, then Stop Shar­ing My Lo­ca­tion. If you want more flex­i­bil­ity, such as friends’ es­ti­mated ar­rival times, try Glympse (free,

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