How to Have great con­ver­sa­tions in Mes­sages

Mac Format - - APPLE SKILLS -

1 Send with visual ef­fects

Com­pose a mes­sage, then hold a fin­ger on (or ap­ply 3D Touch to) the send but­ton to re­veal a list of ef­fects; tap next to one’s name to pre­view it, and again to send that ef­fect, or tap Screen and swipe left/right to pick a full-screen an­i­ma­tion.

2 Send an au­dio mes­sage

Hold a fin­ger on the mi­cro­phone icon at the right of the mes­sage box to start record­ing an au­dio mes­sage. Slide your fin­ger­tip up to the send but­ton and let go to send im­me­di­ately, or lift your fin­ger and then tap play to re­view it first.

3 Send a photo

With the fo­cus in the mes­sage box, the icons nor­mally to the left are hid­den; tap the ar­row there, then tap the cam­era icon. On the live view, tap the top-right icon to switch cam­eras, or any­where else to take and add a photo to your mes­sage.

4 Full cam­era con­trols

If you want to use other cam­era modes, swipe right on the live pre­view and then tap Cam­era. If you took the photo you want to use be­fore open­ing Mes­sages, swipe left in­stead to browse your re­cently taken pic­tures.

5 Send older me­dia

To send an older photo, swipe right on the live pre­view and tap Photo Li­brary. Browse your al­bums and choose the photo to send. Once it’s at­tached to your mes­sage, tap it to edit the colours or add an­no­ta­tions to the copy that’ll be sent.

6 Dig­i­tal Touch sketches

Tap the icon of two fin­gers over a heart. Tap the white cir­cle with a black cen­tre to pick a colour, then slide your fin­ger on the large black square to draw. When you send the sketch, the re­cip­i­ent sees it build up just like you drew it.

7 Dig­i­tal Touch ef­fects

Tap the three icons to the right of the sketch­pad to see in­ter­ac­tions you can use to add a range of ef­fects. If you want more room for sketching, tap the up­wards-point­ing ar­row to ex­pand the sketch­pad so it al­most fills the screen.

8 Sketch over me­dia

Tap the heart icon, then the cam­era, pick a cam­era to use, then tap the white con­cen­tric cir­cles to take a photo, or the red and white ones for video, then sketch. The re­cip­i­ent sees your draw­ing build over video with your orig­i­nal tim­ing.

9 Apps and sticker packs

Tap the third icon to the left of the mes­sage box, which looks like an ‘A’, and the lower part of the screen will change; swipe left or right on it to browse your in­stalled apps and stick­ers; the left­most page shows your re­cently used stick­ers.

10 More di­rect ac­cess

As you add apps and sticker packs, swip­ing to find the one you want feels slow. To jump di­rectly to one, tap the icon of four el­lipses (bot­tom left) to open the app drawer, which shows their icons in a grid. Tap the one you want.

11 Get iMes­sage stick­ers

You may al­ready have a bunch of iMes­sage apps and stick­ers that came with reg­u­lar apps you’ve in­stalled. To see others that are avail­able, tap the + bub­ble in the app drawer, la­belled Store, to open the App Store for iMes­sage.

12 Get iMes­sage stick­ers

Use the first two tabs (Fea­tured and Cat­e­gories) or the mag­ni­fy­ing glass icon at the top left to ex­plore or search what’s avail­able. Pur­chase or get free iMes­sage apps and sticker packs as you would apps in the reg­u­lar App Store.

13 Man­age the drawer

The Man­age tab lists your in­stalled apps that plug in to Mes­sages or pro­vide a sticker pack for it. The switch at the top au­to­mat­i­cally adds newly in­stalled items to the drawer. Use the switches be­low to turn off apps (but keep them in­stalled).

14 Ar­range drawer items

Tap Done at the top of the three-tab panel to re­turn to your con­ver­sa­tion, with the app drawer still open. To change the ar­range­ment of the drawer’s icons, hold a fin­ger on one un­til they all jig­gle, then drag them into your de­sired or­der.

15 Re­move drawer items

Tap the cross on a jig­gling icon to re­move that app or sticker pack; if solely used with iMes­sage, this unin­stalls it. Oth­er­wise, it can be re­stored as in step 13, or you can get rid of it al­to­gether by re­mov­ing its icon from the Home screen.

16 Re­in­stall items

Press the Home but­ton to fin­ish re­ar­rang­ing the app drawer. Re­moved apps and sticker packs can be re­in­stalled by find­ing them in the App Store within Mes­sages or by us­ing the search bar in the App Store app’s Pur­chased sec­tion.

17 Su­per- quick re­sponses

Dou­ble-tap a re­ceived mes­sage, then tap a Tap­back re­sponse in the bub­ble that ap­pears: a heart, thumbs up or down, laugh out loud, ex­cla­ma­tion marks or a ques­tion mark; it ap­pears to other par­tic­i­pants on the same bub­ble.

18 Ap­ply a sticker

Nav­i­gate to a sticker pack in the app drawer. Tap a sticker to send it like a reg­u­lar im­age, or hold a fin­ger on it to peel it off, then drag and drop it on or close to a mes­sage bub­ble; you can pinch or turn two fin­gers to re­size or ro­tate it.

19 Use an iMes­sage app

Apps in iMes­sage work in a va­ri­ety of ways, de­pend­ing on their func­tion. The #im­ages one pro­vided with iOS has a search bar for find­ing pic­tures on­line, un­der which it some­times sug­gests key­words based on your con­ver­sa­tion.

20 Quick­Type short­cuts

Type “I’m at” or re­ceive “Where are you?” and you can quickly send your lo­ca­tion from above the key­board. Things like “John’s birth­day is” and “My ad­dress is” also work, but suc­cess varies; “When is John’s birth­day?” didn’t work for us.

21 Selec­tive read re­ceipts

In Set­tings > Mes­sages is a switch that con­trols whether read re­ceipts are sent for all iMes­sage chats. To over­ride its sta­tus for an in­di­vid­ual con­ver­sa­tion, tap De­tails at the top right and tog­gle the Send Read Re­ceipts switch here.

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