I have 16,133 pho­tos stored in iCloud. Each one has one or more key­words at­tached as I like to use Smart Fold­ers. Re­cently, I was search­ing for some pho­tos us­ing key­words but couldn’t find them. When I checked my Pho­tos li­brary I saw that thou­sands of my pho­tos now lack key­words.

Ap­ple Sup­port tried to re­pair my lo­cal and iCloud li­braries, sadly to no ef­fect. I’ve gone back to Ap­ple to see if there’s any­thing else that can be tried. If this last throw of the dice proves to be un­suc­cess­ful I will have a lot of hours ahead re­plac­ing the key­words that have been lost, all the time wor­ry­ing that they’ll van­ish again. I don’t know how or when this prob­lem arose; the first I knew of it was a few days ago, by chance. Maybe you should point out to other users the risks in stor­ing data in the cloud com­pared to a lo­cal disk, where back­ups should be avail­able to save the day. Right now, my love af­fair with Ap­ple is wan­ing fast.

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