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Find out all about the en­hance­ments in iOS 10

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Con­trol Cen­tre saves you the bother of dig­ging around for of­ten-used de­vice set­tings, open­ing an app that’s play­ing au­dio to con­trol its play­back, or search­ing for a flash­light app to light your path. Whether you’re at the Home screen, in an app, or you’ve just wo­ken your de­vice to its Lock screen, you can do all these things and more.

To open Con­trol Cen­tre, swipe up­wards from the screen’s bot­tom edge. This slides a card over the bot­tom part of the screen and dims the rest of the dis­play. Swip­ing up while us­ing an app might not re­veal Con­trol Cen­tre right away, though; look for a small tab with an ar­row on it at the cen­tre of the screen’s bot­tom edge; the point of this is to stop you ac­ci­den­tally pulling Con­trol Cen­tre over an app just by in­ter­act­ing with its con­trols near that point. Tap else­where on the screen to dis­miss the tab and carry on, or swipe up­wards from it to pull Con­trol Cen­tre in to view.

From left to right, the top row of Con­trol Cen­tre con­tains but­tons that tog­gle Air­plane Mode (which dis­ables Wi-Fi and Blue­tooth), en­able or dis­able Wi-Fi or Blue­tooth on their own, tog­gle Do Not Dis­turb to avoid calls and no­ti­fi­ca­tions in­ter­rupt­ing you, and lock the screen ori­en­ta­tion (to por­trait only on iPhone or iPod touch, but also to land­scape on iPad). Be­low these is a slider that con­trols screen bright­ness, il­lu­mi­nat­ing the rest of the dis­play as nor­mal so you can ac­cu­rately see its ef­fect.

Next down are but­tons to mir­ror your iOS de­vice’s screen to an Ap­ple TV and con­trol whether Macs and other iOS de­vices can see your de­vice and send things to you – such as links, con­tact de­tails, pho­tos – over a di­rect Wi-Fi con­nec­tion be­tween de­vices.

The Night Shift but­ton tog­gles that fea­ture and shows when it’ll next turn on or off. Night Shift warms the screen’s out­put, re­duc­ing the blue light that can dis­rupt your sleep. Set up Night Shift in Set­tings > Dis­play & Bright­ness. 3D Touch en­hance­ments The bot­tom row con­tains but­tons that turn an iPhone’s flash into a flash­light or open the Clock, Cal­cu­la­tor or Cam­era app. On a de­vice with 3D Touch, press firmly on them for ex­tra op­tions, such as flash­light in­ten­si­ties, pre­set timer du­ra­tions, and cam­era modes.

Note the page dots that are shown be­low the card, which are new in iOS 10 – read on to learn how Con­trol Cen­tre’s lay­out has changed and about its new op­tions.

Con­trol Cen­tre has 3D Touch short­cuts to pro­vide more di­rect and pow­er­ful ways to use fea­tures

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