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Be­ware that all cloud stor­age ser­vices are keen to get you to pay ever-in­creas­ing costs

QI’ve just up­graded my iMac to Sierra, and see that I have the op­por­tu­nity to store my files on iCloud Drive. Most of my work is done in Mi­crosoft Word, for which I have a OneDrive sub­scrip­tion so that I can share those doc­u­ments with my iPad and iPhone. Does this mean that I can now use Word on my iPad with iCloud Drive in­stead?

AYes, but you’ll still need an Of­fice 365 sub­scrip­tion. Open­ing a doc­u­ment from iCloud Drive is slightly less di­rect: tap More at the bot­tom of the list of lo­ca­tions, and you'll be of­fered your iCloud Drive, and any other cloud stor­age that you’ve added to Word's list of lo­ca­tions.

To save a doc­u­ment from your iPad to iCloud Drive, use Save a Copy, then tap the More item in the list of lo­ca­tions to see your fold­ers on iCloud Drive. You may find it help­ful to cre­ate fold­ers for Word and other Of­fice docs on iCloud Drive, but that isn’t re­quired.

If you cur­rently pay for ad­di­tional stor­age above the 5GB that comes free with an Of­fice 365 sub­scrip­tion and the 5GB that’s free with your iCloud ac­count (shared by all its ser­vices, not just iCloud Drive), you can now con­sol­i­date in iCloud and per­haps get bet­ter value.

Be­ware that all cloud stor­age ser­vices are keen to get you to use more space, and to pay ever-in­creas­ing sub­scrip­tion prices. In Sierra, be very care­ful with the Op­ti­mize Stor­age fea­ture; the op­tion to move your Desk­top and Doc­u­ments fold­ers to iCloud Drive can rapidly fill all the on­line stor­age you give it; files you haven’t touched on your Mac for a while are pushed to the cloud un­til you need them.

Pro­vided you have an Of­fice 365 sub­scrip­tion, the iOS apps in Mi­crosoft’s suite can open and save to iCloud Drive.

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