Adam Banks is an­gry about Ap­ple’s di­rec­tion

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Al­low us, Tim, to in­tro­duce our­selves. We’re your cre­ative pro cus­tomers: the peo­ple who made the Mac cool. Back in the 1990s, Ap­ple may not have been so big, but ev­ery glossy mag­a­zine of­fice was full of Macs. Ev­ery pho­tog­ra­pher, ev­ery mu­si­cian wanted one. Even the enig­matic new breed called ‘web de­sign­ers’.

That’s what Ap­ple stood for. Not just the tech, but the tal­ent too. Sure, for all that talk of ‘the rest of us’, the Mac wasn’t for ev­ery­one. It was for the ones do­ing and mak­ing and be­ing what others as­pired to. Later, when Ap­ple launched the iMac, the iPod, and then the iPhone, that’s what sold them. Not just be­ing a lit­tle bit bet­ter than the com­pe­ti­tion, but stand­ing for some­thing.

Now, it’s all very well, Tim, to let the ca­chet of cre­ativ­ity rub off on your mass-mar­ket money-spin­ners. But those of us ac­tu­ally do­ing the cre­at­ing still need the real tools. So what we wanted on 27 Oc­to­ber was quite sim­ple: Macs with the pro­cess­ing power to get our jobs done. And what did you give us? A Touch Bar. We couldn’t re­ally miss that, Tim, be­cause you de­voted what seemed like an en­tire key­note to it. Fine, fine, fine, we thought, shuf­fling in our seats, a Touch Bar, great. Now what about the CPUs and GPUs? And then Phil Schiller men­tioned the CPUs and GPUs, and they sounded kind of okay. Then we logged on to the Ap­ple Store and found they started – started! – at £2,349 for the en­try-level 15-inch with­out the up­grade op­tions. The proper spec? £2,699. Add the higher CPU and GPU (still tech­ni­cally mid-range) and a 2TB SSD – be­cause a hard disk is just one of the lux­u­ries that won’t fit in your aus­ter­ity-skinny chas­sis – and it’s over four grand. Sure, some of this is down to Brexit, but a lot of it isn’t. Some of it is a big fat mar­gin, be­cause that’s what you’ve taught your share­hold­ers to ex­pect. And some of it is about de­sign­ing for ev­ery­thing ex­cept price and per­for­mance.

That ex­tra mem­ory we need, be­cause 16GB just isn’t enough for some graph­ic­sin­ten­sive apps? We can’t have it, be­cause it would make the bat­tery life too short. Thanks for ex­plain­ing that, Phil, be­cause we reg­u­larly go and sit for 12 hours where there’s no elec­tric­ity sup­ply. That’s a must-have. It’s way more im­por­tant to us than AC­TU­ALLY BE­ING ABLE TO WORK.

Tim, it’s not the 1990s. We don’t have money to burn any more. But we’re still here. Mag­a­zines and web­sites and apps and films and al­bums are still get­ting made. We want to make them on Macs. Do you want that too? Or do you re­ally not get the dif­fer­ence be­tween pow­er­ing the world’s cre­ative in­dus­tries and watch­ing an ex­ec­u­tive tweak a fil­ter with a Touch Bar and say “Wow”?

We went to to the Ap­ple Store and found the 15-inch started at £2,349

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