Ap­ple rip off – again!

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My much loved but well used Mid 2010 27-inch iMac needs re­plac­ing, so off I trot to the Ap­ple web­site, se­lect the buy but­ton and start to con­fig­ure the ma­chine that I want. All is well un­til I get to the mem­ory sec­tion. The ma­chine comes with 8GB as stan­dard. How­ever, this comes in the form of 2 x 4GB mod­ules. I have worked out that I can af­ford to load the ma­chine to 32GB if I buy the mem­ory from a third party and this is where Ap­ple get sneaky. They won’t sell it with 1 x 8GB.

So, if I still want to head in the di­rec­tion of 32GB, I can do one of two things. Buy the ma­chine and flog the RAM on eBay and buy all the RAM from Cru­cial or Kingston. The other road is to buy the ma­chine with 16GB RAM which comes with….You guessed it - 2x8GB at £180 ex­tra. If you take away the 8GB that comes as stan­dard you are left with an 8GB RAM mo­d­ule at £180 which equates to £22.50/GB. This price per GB holds all the way through their mem­ory of­fer­ings.

Equiv­a­lent RAM mod­ules from Cru­cial & Kingston cost £8.70 & £9.85/GB with slight vari­a­tions as the mod­ules get big­ger, and Kingston’s are sold via third par­ties. My cur­rent iMac has 12GB RAM, 8GB of which was bought from Cru­cial in 2010 and are still go­ing strong. No won­der Ap­ple are the rich­est com­pany in the world when they rip off the lit­tle peo­ple. by Mike Wil­son

Graham says…

Ap­ple’s RAM prices have been this way since as long as we can re­mem­ber (and we can re­mem­ber quite far back) and we re­ally can’t find a way of jus­ti­fy­ing them ei­ther Mike. Bear in mind that only the cur­rent range of 27-inch iMacs have RAM you can ac­tu­ally up­grade your­self, whilst the cur­rent 21-inch iMac can only be up­graded by an Au­tho­rised Ser­vice Provider.

Buy­ing mem­ory through a third party will save you money – if Ap­ple al­lows it.

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