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The Mac­For­mat team de­bates the hot Ap­ple is­sues of the day, us­ing their iPhones of course!

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The team’s views on the lat­est Ap­ple tech

Ap­ple is work­ing on a stand­alone dis­play, and some re­ports say it’ll have an 8K screen! I’m not sure what to make of that. 5K is still more than most peo­ple need at the mo­ment, so 8K seems like a bit much! Well I’m sure de­sign­ers will love it – I’m al­ready get­ting ex­cited. Re­mem­ber that Ap­ple said it’s work­ing on this along­side the Mac Pro, so an 8K dis­play won’t be for the main­stream. That’s true, and I can’t imagine it’ll be priced for the main­stream ei­ther! But there are peo­ple shoot­ing 8K footage who would re­ally ben­e­fit from be­ing able to edit it on a nice big (OK, huge) 8K res­o­lu­tion screen. Ap­ple is de­ter­mined to win back high-end pros with the Mac Pro re­boot, so put­ting out an 8K dis­play doesn’t seem too far-fetched. Ex­actly. Just think­ing about the price makes me ner­vous! An Ap­ple 8K dis­play com­bined with a shiny new high-end Mac Pro? Only the five rich­est kings of Europe will be able to af­ford it all! Bet­ter start count­ing the pen­nies then. But we do know one thing – what­ever the pixel count, I’m sure the dis­play will look gor­geous. Ap­ple hasn’t lost its sense of style yet.

“An 8K dis­pla y? Ap­ple scree ns go su­per -size”

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