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Q When I try to send some­one a mes­sage or text us­ing my iPhone, it of­fers to add hand­writ­ten con­tent. Is this just the way that I’m hold­ing it, or is this an un­wanted fea­ture? by An­drewPr it cha rd When you’re com­pos­ing and send­ing A mes­sages on your iPhone, be care­ful how you hold it and what you tap; its con­trols are fairly tightly spaced to­gether and it’s easy to tap the wrong one.

To start writ­ing your mes­sage, hold your iPhone in por­trait mode. When some iPhones run­ning some ver­sions of iOS are held in land­scape mode, they may as­sume you’re that you’re go­ing to com­pose an an­i­mated hand­writ­ten mes­sage. iPads can be used in ei­ther ori­en­ta­tion: you have to tap the

To the right of your text is a mi­cro­phone icon, which you can use for send­ing au­dio mes­sages

hand­writ­ing sign on the key­board to start a hand­writ­ten mes­sage.

The left-most of the con­trols – a cam­era – en­ables you to add pho­tos and video to your mes­sage. The heart icon with two fin­gers on it is Dig­i­tal Touch, which en­ables you send a free­hand sketch and var­i­ous an­i­mated im­ages in­clud­ing taps and heart­beats.

The icon bear­ing the let­ter ‘A’ shows a drawer of dif­fer­ent apps which you can use with mes­sages, in­clud­ing stick­ers and an­i­mated GIFs. To the right of your text is a mi­cro­phone icon, which you can use for send­ing au­dio mes­sages.

If you in­ad­ver­tently tap any of these icons, swipe their edi­tor sheet down, tap the in­ser­tion point back into the text box, or tap Can­cel to get rid of it. Fi­nally, when you tap the Send tool to despatch your mes­sage, don’t touch and hold it, since this may bring up the iMes­sages’ bub­ble ef­fects pane.

This may seem a mine­field, but once your fin­gers get used to it, er­rors are nor­mally few and far be­tween.

There’s lit­tle space to start typ­ing a mes­sage on most iPhones, and nearby con­trols are easily tapped by mis­take.

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