iOS has a new file man­age­ment sys­tem and you’re go­ing to love how sim­ple it is to use Man­age your doc­u­ments in Files

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Files isn’t just the iCloud Drive app re­named, though it is how you ac­cess that

ser­vice in iOS 11. It’s also a means to ac­cess other stor­age on your de­vice, such as Drop­box, or stor­age on a macOS Server, and it works a lot like Finder on the Mac. Stor­age apps re­leased be­fore iOS 11 work with it, but ap­pear in a small win­dow on iPad rather than us­ing all of the right pane – be sure to check for up­dates in the App Store!

The Bro wse tab 1

Each sec­tion of this tab’s side­bar can be col­lapsed by tap­ping its head­line. The right pane browses what­ever you tapped last in the side­bar. Swipe be­yond the top items in it to: cre­ate a folder; sort by name, date mod­i­fied, size, or tags; or tog­gle be­tween icon and list views.

Stora ge lo­ca­tio ns 2

Tap Edit at the top of the side­bar to choose which lo­ca­tions are listed. iCloud Drive’s prob­a­bly there al­ready, and you can en­able oth­ers and re­ar­range them.

Rece nt­ly­delete d 3

This is a quick and ef­fort­less way to re­cover items for a short time af­ter you re­move them from iCloud Drive. Be­ware that even if a third-party provider’s app is up­dated to use Files’ fea­tures, items on its stor­age may be deleted im­me­di­ately.

Reco ver afile 4 In

the Re­cently Deleted folder, hold a fin­ger on an item – very lightly on an iPhone with 3D Touch com­pat­i­bil­ity – only till its icon grows. Let go and a bar ap­pears with op­tions to re­cover the item to its orig­i­nal lo­ca­tion or delete it for good. You can also drag and drop items to re­cover to a dif­fer­ent place.

Pinfa vourite fo lders 5

Mo­men­tar­ily hold your fin­ger on a folder, then tap Favourite in the op­tions bar that ap­pears to cre­ate a short­cut to it. Tap Edit to re­order or re­move items, or use drag and drop to re­ar­range on iPad.

Do things wit hfiles 6

To share, du­pli­cate, move, or delete items, tap Select, tap them, and then an op­tion in the bar at the screen’s bot­tom. Mov­ing or delet­ing files can also be done by start­ing to drag them, brows­ing to a folder, and let­ting go. Or, drop them on a favourite/Re­cently Deleted in the side­bar.

Share files 7

Tap Select, on one or more files, then the Share icon (iPhone) or the Share op­tion (in the bot­tom bar on iPad). Or, hold a fin­ger on a file for a mo­ment, then tap Share.

Ta­gafi leor fo lder 8

In a file or folder’s op­tions bar, tap Tags to re­veal ex­ist­ing tags or to make a new one. As­sign one or more, then tap out­side the panel to close it down. Up to three tag colours are shown next to an item’s name; to see all of an item’s as­signed tags, tap Info in its op­tions bar.

Quick ly­s­e­lect 9 al­lor­most

Tap Select, then Select All. Next, tap items you don’t want se­lected to clear each one’s check mark, then drag any of the rest to pick up all of them.

The Rece nts tab 10

The first group here con­tains files you’ve used re­cently. It’s fol­lowed by files you’re col­lab­o­rat­ing on with oth­ers. Past that are groups for tags you’ve used.

GET­fast ac­ces 11 torece nt­files

Hold your fin­ger on Files’ Home screen icon (or press firmly on an iPhone with 3D Touch) for a wid­get of re­cently used files. Though wid­gets like this are nor­mally only avail­able on iPhones with 3D Touch, this one’s avail­able on iPad.

To­day vie w wid­get 12

You can also add a re­cent files wid­get to the To­day view. Swipe left from the first Home screen, scroll to the bot­tom, tap Edit, then tap the + next to Files un­der More Wid­gets.

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