In­side a Clas­sic

The Mac Clas­sic is an amaz­ing piece of Ap­ple en­gi­neer­ing. Here’s what’s in­side

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Cath­ode ray tube

A 9-inch 512x342 black and white screen. Many PCs still had green and black dis­plays back then.

Ex­pan­sion slot

The SE was the first Mac to use the Pro­ces­sor Di­rect Slot (PDS). This one con­tains a Day­naPORT net­work card.

Drive caddy

1.4MB floppy disk drive, plus an op­tional 20MB or 40MB SCSI hard disk.


Hid­den un­der­neath ev­ery­thing else is the mother­board, with a 16MHz 68030 Mo­torola CPU and 1MB of RAM (ex­pand­able to 128MB).


Two ADB ports for key­board and mouse, Two DIN-8 se­rial ports, plus ports for ex­ter­nal floppy and SCSI drives.

Power sup­ply

The dan­ger­ous high­volt­age ca­pac­i­tors for the screen are ex­posed. Leave the Mac switched off overnight be­fore re­mov­ing the case.

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