How to Re­move the hard disk

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1 Ex­pan­sion card

The SE/30 has a Pro­ces­sor Di­rect Slot (PDS) for ex­pan­sion cards. If there is any­thing in­stalled here, it is eas­ier to re­move the card chas­sis com­pletely, rather than try­ing to work around it. This net­work card has a board con­trol­ling the SE/30’s ports, as well as the PDS board.

2 Drive caddy

The hard disk sits above the floppy drive. Re­move the power and data ca­bles from the drive’s rear and undo the drive caddy. It’s held in place by two screws un­der­neath the caddy but they are set quite far back. Use a long screw­driver, or tape a screw­driver bit to a stick.

3 Max­i­mum ca­pac­ity

The SE/30 shipped with a 40 or 80MB hard disk, but you could re­place it with any 3.5-inch, half-height SCSI drive. Mac OS, up to ver­sion 7.5, sup­ports vol­umes as large as 2GB and if you in­stall 7.5.2, you could use a 2TB drive. The SE/30 was of­ten used as a server.

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