How to: Use Se­lec­tive Colour in Pho­tos

Mac Format - - MACOS HIGH SIERRA -

1 Ad­just a colour chan­nel

Open a photo with green­ery and a sky in the Pho­tos edit view. Scroll down to Se­lec­tive Colour. Se­lect the green colour chan­nel, and drag Hue all the way to the left. No­tice how this shifts the greens to­wards red, mak­ing for an au­tum­nal look.

2 Amend the range

Use the Range slider to ad­just the range of colours over which your ad­just­ment is ap­plied. Nudge it left to soften the ef­fect, or right to in­crease it. Ex­per­i­ment with Sat­u­ra­tion to amend the in­ten­sity of the colour se­lec­tion.

3 Use a cus­tom hue

If you want to al­ter a spe­cific colour, se­lect it with the eye­drop­per tool, and then ad­just set­tings ac­cord­ingly. Click on the sky and max­imise Hue for a freaky alien pur­ple sky. (Per­haps be sub­tler on your own pics!)

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