How to Give your im­age more space

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1 Find an im­age that works

Not all images are great can­di­dates for Con­tent-Aware crop­ping. Lots of re­ally fine de­tail, or faces, at the edge of the frame can cause prob­lems. Land­scapes like this, with lots of ar­eas of sky, are likely to work bet­ter. If only it were straight…

2 Set up the crop tool

Press C to start the crop tool, and note the new op­tions im­me­di­ately above your im­age. The first thing to check is that the first drop-down box, which lets you choose the as­pect ra­tio of your shot, is set to Orig­i­nal Ra­tio.

3 Use the straight­ener Pho­to­shop’s Straighten tool al­lows you to draw a line along the hori­zon and straighten the im­age to it au­to­mat­i­cally. Hold ç, then click and drag across the hori­zon of your im­age and, when you let go, your im­age will straighten up.

4 Where the magic hap­pens

With your im­age straight, you’ll no­tice you now have grey and white checker­board at the cor­ners. Or­di­nar­ily, you would sim­ply delete these, along with a bit of the im­age it­self. In­stead, make sure Con­tent-Aware is checked, and hit ® .

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