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My MacBook key­board had an is­sue with the space bar, which got stuck. I re­moved it and tried to get it work­ing, all to no avail.

I took it to an Ap­ple Store and they said it needed a new key­board and it would be fixed for free. By law, they said they have to for up to five years af­ter pur­chase

Two days later, happy cus­tomer with a new key­board. Then the screen’s re­flec­tive coat­ing started peel­ing, so I went back to the store. The same bloke served me and said the same thing about the law. Two days later, happy cus­tomer with a new screen.

Prob­lems aside, the tes­ti­mony to any com­pany is what they do af­ter the sale. Given the con­struc­tion of a MacBook, I have mostly a new de­vice, not just a new screen and key­board, so in the long term all good. Maybe the de­sign needs a mi­nor re­think, but not the cus­tomer ser­vice. by J ames P rice

Alan sa ys… I’ve en­joyed great cus­tomer ser­vice from Ap­ple Stores in the past. Once for a faulty we­b­cam on my MacBook Air, another time for an iMac whose power sup­ply was gen­er­at­ing enough heat to leave a tem­po­rary dark mark on the screen – I took a photo as ev­i­dence of that. These were also fixed un­der the Con­sumer Rights Act’s pro­vi­sion for a right to re­pair, even out­side of the man­u­fac­turer’s war­ranty pe­riod.

I rec­om­mend that if any reader needs out-of-war­ranty ser­vice, from Ap­ple or another com­pany, read up on the lat­est con­sumer rights ad­vice first. Not sure where to start? Try bit.ly/mse­crts. If you need to re­quest a re­pair your­self, be firm but po­lite, even if you’re freak­ing out on the in­side about po­ten­tial re­pair costs – I’m sure many of us have seen the re­sponse given to cus­tomers who let their worry spill out as anger or frus­tra­tion.

It’s easy for me to say that when I’m not fac­ing the prospect of los­ing the con­tents of my MacBook or iPad. How­ever, know­ing what to say and say­ing it in the right tone can be help­ful when seek­ing re­pairs.

You’re also more likely to get the re­pair you de­sire if you’ve kept your hard­ware in good con­di­tion – you may no­tice that Ap­ple’s staff give it a quick look-over to check for ev­i­dence of dam­age or poor care.

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