How to Kill off un­wanted emails

Mac Format - - APPLE SKILLS -

1 In­stall SpamSieve plug­ins

To set up SpamSieve, first you must quit Mail. Then open SpamSieve and choose In­stall Ap­ple Mail Plug-In from the SpamSieve menu. Now open Mail again and look in the Mes­sage menu for the new SpamSieve set of op­tions.

2 Cre­ate Spam mail­box

Next, use the Mail­box menu to cre­ate a new mail­box called Spam (with a cap­i­tal S), lo­cated on your Mac. (You can make this on the server so you can check spam from other de­vices, but this com­pli­cates mat­ters a bit.)

3 Add a SpamSieve rule

Open Mail’s pref­er­ences, choose Rules, and add a new rule. The rule’s de­scrip­tion ab­so­lutely must be­gin with ‘SpamSieve’ for this to work, but it can then con­tain what­ever text you like, ex­cept for square brack­ets.

4 Con­fig­ure the new rule

In the rule’s set­tings, change the From op­tion to Every Mes­sage and set the ac­tion to move all your mes­sages to the Spam mail­box. It won’t ac­tu­ally move every mes­sage; the SpamSieve plugin only touches rogue emails.

5 Pri­ori­tise SpamSieve’s rule

Click OK and choose Don’t Ap­ply if asked, then move the SpamSieve rule to the top of the list of rules. This makes sure it’s run be­fore any other rule, so you don’t ac­ci­den­tally pre­vent SpamSieve from do­ing its job.

6 Clean out old junk emails

Empty the Trash mail­box of any old emails, then delete any­thing in the Junk mail­box if you have one. It’s best to start out clean to avoid any con­fu­sion, but leave some fresh spam in the Trash for train­ing pur­poses.

7 Turn off Mail’s fil­ter­ing

Mail’s own junk fil­ter­ing gets in the way of SpamSieve, so open the Pref­er­ences win­dow, go to the Junk Mail tab, and uncheck the ‘En­able junk mail fil­ter­ing’ op­tion as well as ‘Trust junk mail head­ers’ if avail­able.

8 Start train­ing SpamSieve

Se­lect some spam in the mes­sages list and choose Mes­sage > SpamSieve – Train as Spam, so it knows what’s un­wanted, then se­lect good emails and pick SpamSieve – Train as Good. Ig­nore Mail’s own Not Junk but­ton.

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