How to Power up Siri on your HomePod

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1 Add to your shop­ping list

You can say “Hey Siri, re­mind me to get milk” to have “get milk” added to your de­fault list in the Re­minders app. But cre­ate a list called Shop­ping there and you can then say “Hey Siri, add milk to the shop­ping list”. Neater!

2 Help mu­sic sug­ges­tions

Ap­ple Mu­sic silently learns about your tastes based on what you lis­ten to and uses this to im­prove what it plays for you. You can help it by say­ing “Hey Siri, I love this” or “I hate this”. Also try say­ing “Play more like this”.

3 Hear more of an artist

To ex­plore an artist’s work – fol­low­ing a rec­om­men­da­tion, or be­cause you’ve al­ways meant to check them out – use Ap­ple Mu­sic’s Es­sen­tials, Next Steps and Deep Cuts playlists. For ex­am­ple, try “Hey Siri, play Drake Es­sen­tials.”

4 Set mul­ti­ple timers

Cur­rently, HomePod can run just one timer, but you can get round this with com­mands like “Set an alarm for 30 min­utes” and “Re­mind me to take the chicken out in 40 min­utes”. Re­mem­ber to clean up in Re­minders or Home later on.

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