How to Lo­cate and pro­tect your Ap­ple de­vices

Mac Format - - APPLE SKILLS -

1 Sign in to

Point your web browser at and sign in. If two‑fac­tor au­then­ti­ca­tion is turned on for your Ap­ple ID and you haven’t reg­is­tered this browser as trusted, you may have to type in a sixdigit code sent to your trusted de­vices.

2 Use Find My iPhone

On’s Home screen, click Find My iPhone’s icon. When the web app fin­ishes open­ing, click All De­vices at the top of the screen. From the drop­down list that ap­pears, choose the de­vice that’s been lost or stolen.

3 Make sure it’s re­ally lost

When you’ve clicked on the de­vice, look at the map. If Find My iPhone has lo­cated your miss­ing Ap­ple kit and shows it as be­ing at your cur­rent lo­ca­tion in the last few min­utes, try click­ing Play Sound to help you lo­cate it.

4 Lost Mode

If you can’t find the de­vice, click Lost Mode or Lock. A de­vice that has a pass­code will now be locked. If it doesn’t have a pass­code, you’ll need to cre­ate one. If it’s a Mac, you’ll need to cre­ate a pass­code even if it has a pass­word.

5 En­ter fur­ther info

If the de­vice be­longs to a fam­ily mem­ber, you’ll have to en­ter their Ap­ple ID. If it’s an iPhone or iPad, you may be asked to en­ter a con­tact phone num­ber and mes­sage to be dis­played on the de­vice’s screen so it can be re­turned.

6 Mon­i­tor track­ing

If your de­vice is on­line, its lo­ca­tion is sent to iCloud. If it’s off­line, track­ing starts when con­nected. You can mon­i­tor this in Find My iPhone. (On iOS de­vices, check it’s turned on in Set­tings > Pri­vacy > Lo­ca­tion Ser­vices > Sys­tem Ser­vices.)

7 Find My iPhone

You can also use the Find My iPhone app on an iPhone or iPad to track your miss­ing de­vice and turn on Lost Mode. Open Find My iPhone, tap the lost de­vice, then tap Ac­tions and choose ei­ther Lost Mode or Lock.

8 Erase your data

If you’re sure your de­vice has been stolen and are wor­ried about some­one at­tempt­ing to ac­cess your data, fol­low the steps above to ac­ti­vate Lost Mode and then click or tap on Erase to wipe your data from the de­vice.

9 Pass­code at­tempts

On your iOS de­vice(s), go to Set­tings > [Touch ID/Face ID] & Pass­code. Scroll down to Erase Data and turn on this fea­ture. Now, if any­one tries to guess your pass­word, they have 10 at­tempts be­fore the data on your de­vice is wiped.

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