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Mi­crosoft Of­fice 2016 is slow to start

QAfter up­grad­ing to Mi­crosoft Of­fice 2016 (from 2011), open­ing each app has been painfully slow, with icons bounc­ing in the Dock for 20 sec­onds or more. Once run­ning they’re fine. How can I fix this? by Deane Robin­son

AThe apps in Mi­crosoft Of­fice 2016 do tend to be more slug­gish to start up, but shouldn’t be tak­ing that long. Word can some­times strug­gle to find old fold­ers listed in the File Lo­ca­tions sec­tion of its pref­er­ences, but de­lays like this most com­monly re­sult from font prob­lems.

It’s usu­ally best to put the spe­cial Mi­crosoft fonts in a folder named Mi­crosoft in /Li­brary/ Fonts, although Of­fice 2016 now stores a copy of its bun­dled fonts in­ter­nally too. Check that these are avail­able in Font Book.

You may need to clear font caches. The sim­plest method is to start up in safe mode (see­safemd). Let your Mac get go­ing fully, then restart back in its nor­mal mode. You may also need to open Font Book again and choose File > Re­store Stan­dard Fonts to re­turn your Mac’s fonts back to the set that ship with macOS. This also moves any ex­tra ones you’ve in­stalled to a sep­a­rate folder, dis­abling them. You’ll then need to move the Mi­crosoft Of­fice fonts back from /Li­brary/Fonts (Re­moved), which is cre­ated dur­ing that restora­tion.

If all else fails, unin­stall Mi­crosoft Of­fice, then re­in­stall it us­ing a freshly down­loaded copy. If you’re still mys­ti­fied as to what’s caus­ing this, try EtreCheck’s generic di­ag­no­sis tool (eclec­ti­, which can spot other clashes and is­sues that might be re­spon­si­ble for gen­er­ally poor per­for­mance.

When your fonts have gone wonky and noth­ing else can fix them, you can use Font Book to re­store the stan­dard set.

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