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QSince in­stalling High Sierra, cards added to Con­tacts ap­pear in ran­dom places, not in al­pha­bet­i­cal or­der. I don’t use iCloud. How can I sort them again? by Brian Brown

AYour prob­lem lies not in the Con­tacts app, but its Address Book data­base. If you were shar­ing con­tacts us­ing iCloud, a good ap­proach would be to turn off Con­tacts in iCloud’s pref­er­ences, re­move en­tries when off­line, then turn it back on and let your Mac resync.

You can achieve some­thing sim­i­lar with­out the help of iCloud, but must en­sure that you have a good re­cent backup, in case it fails. Open Con­tacts, se­lect All on My Mac in the side­bar (choose View > Show Groups if they aren’t shown) and choose File > Ex­port > Con­tacts Ar­chive. Make at least one safe copy of that ex­ported file.

You then have a choice of two ways of emp­ty­ing your old address book: you can se­lect all the en­tries in Con­tacts and delete them, or quit the app and trash the fold­ers in ~/Li­brary/ Ap­pli­ca­tion Sup­port/Ad­dressBook, which is more rad­i­cal.

With Con­tacts open and empty of con­tacts, choose File > Im­port to re­cover all your con­tacts from a copy of the ar­chive you cre­ated. If any­thing goes wrong, quit the app and re­store the whole of your Ad­dressBook folder from your Time Ma­chine backup, and you should be back where you started.

Be­fore at­tempt­ing any surgery on your Con­tacts address book, en­sure it’s well backed up and save all its data to a Con­tacts Ar­chive.

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