Share your iCloud plan’s stor­age

Free iCloud ac­counts aren’t ex­actly gen­er­ous, so thank good­ness for shared stor­age

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We’ve found that there are two kinds of iCloud stor­age.

There’s not enough iCloud stor­age, which tends to ap­ply to the 5GB that comes free with every iCloud ac­count, and there’s too much iCloud stor­age, which is what you tend to see when you’ve up­graded to a paid-for plan. Fam­ily Shar­ing can spare your fam­ily the for­mer by tak­ing ad­van­tage of the lat­ter.

Shar­ing stor­age doesn’t mean shar­ing files. Ev­ery­body’s doc­u­ments, photos and files re­main pri­vate and as­so­ci­ated with only their own iCloud ac­counts. All you’re pool­ing here is the stor­age plan.

Be­fore you start, the or­gan­iser needs to have the cor­rect stor­age plan. Fam­ily Shar­ing can take ad­van­tage of a 200GB or 2TB plan, and re­quires you to have iOS 11 or macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later.

How to share

Ac­tu­ally, shar­ing your iCloud stor­age plan couldn’t be sim­pler. On your Mac, go to  > Sys­tem Pref­er­ences > iCloud > Man­age Fam­ily > My Apps & Ser­vices > iCloud Stor­age and click Start Shar­ing. On your iPhone or iPad, the place to go is Set­tings > Fam­ily Shar­ing > iCloud Stor­age and tap Share Stor­age Plan.

Any fam­ily mem­ber who is pay­ing for more iCloud stor­age can keep that if they want. If your ob­jec­tive is to save money by us­ing a com­bined quota, make sure they stop pay­ing for a sep­a­rate plan; it’s only the fam­ily or­gan­iser who re­ally needs to pay. When shar­ing stor­age, use this page in Sys­tem Prefs or Set­tings to track how much each per­son is us­ing.

Fam­ily Shar­ing is a great rea­son to pay for one of the largest two iCloud ac­count tiers. You can share stor­age with fam­ily, but they can’t com­bine that and their own paid-for stor­age.

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