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Mac Format - - FEATURE / IOS 12 SUPERGUIDE -

Ap­ple News has a re­vamped in­ter­face in iOS 12. The changes are most im­pact­ful on iPad; us­ing the new side­bar is much faster than the five tabs that used to run across the bot­tom of the screen.

On iPhone, things are still or­gan­ised in tabs, but three of them – Fol­low­ing, Search and Saved – are grouped in Chan­nels.

There’s a new item in Set­tings > News: Al­ways Show ‘Up Next’. Turned on by de­fault, it keeps the share, love/dis­like, text for­mat­ting and ‘Next story’ link vis­i­ble as you read. Turn it off and the con­trols are hid­den as you scroll down to help you fo­cus on read­ing the con­tent. They come back when you reach the bot­tom (or top), scroll up­wards, or tap the top or bot­tom edge of the screen.

1 Your sources

To­day is anal­o­gous to the old For You tab. Be­low that is Spot­light, cu­rated by Ap­ple’s ed­i­tors, and then your fol­lowed chan­nels and top­ics. Tap Edit to re­order.

2 Siri’s of­fer­ings

Next are sug­gested chan­nels and top­ics. Use the icons to the right side to mark items as loved or dis­liked, or swipe left on a row for an Ig­nore op­tion.

3 Saved sto­ries

Saved/read items are next down. Swipe left or right to like/dis­like/share/ un­save/re­port one. It’s now eas­ier to un­block things – find this at the bot­tom.

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