One more thing… (well, 14)

Be­yond the big hit­ters like Screen time, check out these in­valu­able en­hance­ments

Mac Format - - FEATURE / IOS 12 SUPERGUIDE -

1 Iden­tify your tabs

Make tabs eas­ier to tell apart by go­ing to Set­tings > Sa­fari and turn­ing on ‘Show Icons in Tabs’. They ap­pear at the top of each item in the tabs over­view. Also turn on Show Tab Bar to see them there. (On iPhone, it ap­pears in land­scape mode.)

2 Check data us­age

It’s eas­ier to work out which apps use the great­est amount of your mo­bile data al­lowance. In Set­tings > Mo­bile Data, they are sorted in de­scend­ing or­der of us­age, not by name, so you can iden­tify hogs with­out scrolling through them all.

3 Dou­ble Face ID

Does Face ID fail to recog­nise you some days? It may be be­cause you’re wear­ing dif­fer­ent head­wear than usual, for ex­am­ple. Reg­is­ter a sec­ond face scan in Set­tings > Face ID & Pass­code > Set Up an Al­ter­na­tive Ap­pear­ance.

4 Search by lyrics

En­ter a snip­pet of lyrics in Mu­sic’s Search tab. No Ap­ple Mu­sic sub­scrip­tion is needed to search its lyrics li­brary, and you can be fairly in­ex­act. So, ‘Looks like a limb torn off’ finds ‘It’s look­ing like a limb torn off’ in a Band of Horses song.

5 Pod­casts play­back

Scroll down in Set­tings > Pod­casts to find new set­tings for what hap­pens when you tap the skip but­tons dur­ing play­back. You can choose from 10, 15, 30, 45 and 60-sec­ond jumps, and for­wards and back­wards can be set dif­fer­ently.

6 Hard­ware con­trols

Un­der Ex­ter­nal Con­trols in Set­tings > Pod­casts, you get a choice of ac­tions for the skip but­tons on your head­phones/ in your car. You can go to the next or pre­vi­ous pod­cast, or skip fowards or back­wards in the episode be­ing played.

7 Do Not Dis­turb tim­ings

Hold a fin­ger on Do Not Dis­turb’s but­ton in Con­trol Cen­tre – or press firmly on it if your de­vice is equipped with 3D Touch – to turn it on for an hour, till evening, till you leave your lo­ca­tion, or tap Sched­ule for a dif­fer­ent pe­riod of time.

8 Get a quiet night

The Bed­time op­tion ap­pears when Do Not Dis­turb is sched­uled. When turned on, it sends alerts in that pe­riod to No­ti­fi­ca­tion Cen­tre (where they’re grouped un­der Dur­ing Bed­time), rather than tempt­ing you on the Lock screen if you wake in the night.

9 Hear­ing aid ac­cess

If you use iOS’s Live Lis­ten fea­ture (­ten) with a Made for iPhonecer­ti­fied hear­ing aid or head­phones, the Hear­ing item in Set­tings > Con­trol Cen­tre pro­vides you with quick ac­cess to a wid­get where you can turn it on or off with a tap.

10 Get help with words

You’ll find new Bri­tish and Amer­i­can the­sauri op­tions in Set­tings > Gen­eral > Dic­tionary. High­light a word and choose Look Up to use them. Trans­la­tion dic­tio­nar­ies between English and Ara­bic, Hindi, and He­brew are also new.

11 New Siri ac­cents

There are two new ac­cents avail­able: Ir­ish and South African, each in male and fe­male gen­ders. They are avail­able for the Speak com­mand too (in the con­tex­tual bar when you select text): pick one in Set­tings > Gen­eral > Ac­ces­si­bil­ity > Speech.

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