How to Get the most out of ver­sion­ing


1 Work, work, work

You need a doc­u­ment that’s been au­tosaved a few times to get the best out of ver­sion­ing. We’re us­ing a word pro­cess­ing doc­u­ment in Pages here as an ex­am­ple. To con­firm an app sup­ports it, look for File > Re­vert To.

2 Browse ver­sions

In that sub­menu, choose Browse All Ver­sions. Use the up and down ar­rows, along with the time­line on the right, to flick between ver­sions. If your file is stored in iCloud Drive, you’ll need to click to down­load old ver­sions.

3 Re­store a ver­sion

When you find the ver­sion you want to roll back to, click the Re­store but­ton at its bot­tom left. Click­ing on the doc­u­ment ver­sion first makes it larger, so it’s eas­ier to read and see if it’s the right one, and it has other ben­e­fits too.

4 Copy between ver­sions

You can copy things from an older ver­sion to the cur­rent one. Select text, use ç+C to copy it, click the cur­rent ver­sion on the left to bring it for­ward, then use ç+v to paste the text in. This saves restor­ing an en­tire ver­sion.

5 Du­pli­cate a ver­sion

If you do want to make a du­pli­cate file from an old ver­sion, you can. Hold å while look­ing through the ver­sions, and Re­store be­comes Re­store a Copy. Click that to re­turn to the desk­top, with the copy in an­other win­dow.

6 Re­vert to last saved

If you’ve done work that hasn’t been saved, ei­ther man­u­ally or au­to­mat­i­cally, you can re­vert to the last save with­out en­ter­ing the Ver­sions browser. You’ll find this op­tion un­der File > Re­vert To in the menu bar.

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