How to Cre­ate a photo book


1 Cre­ate a new book

From your main photo li­brary or an al­bum col­lec­tion, choose File > Cre­ate > Book. Pho­tos will ask if you want to down­load a project ex­ten­sion. Ig­nore that and click Con­tinue to keep us­ing Pho­tos to de­sign your book.

2 Choose a for­mat

The next step en­ables you to choose a book for­mat and size, as well as telling you the dif­fer­ent prices for each. Pick one now, but you can change this later if nec­es­sary, as well as al­ter­ing lay­outs, text and more in the next steps.

3 Select a theme

From the next page, select a theme for the book. Again, you can change this later. Pro­vided you had no im­ages se­lected, The app aut­ofills the book with pic­tures. You can clear these us­ing the Clear Placed Pho­tos but­ton if you wish.

4 Cus­tomise im­age lay­out

Name your book. At the bot­tom right, set the pop-up to Placed Pho­tos (or Un­used if cleared), then drag any im­age from the film­strip to a place­holder on a page. To re­frame a pic within its slot, dou­ble-click its page, then drag the pic.

5 Change page lay­out

Dou­ble-click a page to take a closer look, click the Op­tions but­ton be­low it to choose a new lay­out and then drag in pic­tures to fill any new slots. To change the page’s back­ground colour, use the swatch in the Lay­out Op­tions win­dow.

6 Add and edit text

Many themes have text boxes along­side pic­tures. To edit this text, sim­ply click in a header or body area and en­ter your own words. A text prop­er­ties box lets you choose font, size, align­ment and more at­tributes.

7 Move, add or re­move

To move a page, re­turn to the book over­view (by click­ing the back but­ton, top left) and click on the page num­ber, then drag the page to a new lo­ca­tion. Or select a page and use the add/re­move but­ton to delete or insert a new one there.

8 Edit pho­tos

You can tweak any photo by click­ing on it, which opens the Edit win­dow. From here you can ap­ply ready-made fil­ters, zoom and crop, or click the Edit but­ton to open Pho­tos’ full im­age-edit­ing tools. Edits af­fect the book but not orig­i­nals.

9 Or­der your book

When you’re fin­ished, choose File > Ex­port > Book as PDF to out­put a lo­cal PDF copy of the book. Or, click Buy Book at the top-right cor­ner, add a ship­ping ad­dress and click Place Or­der. You’ll need to en­ter pay­ment in­for­ma­tion.

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